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This site is for residents, guests, and friends to find information about The Rose Garden in Palm Springs, CA and the rules & regulations that help make our community a great place to live and play.

Please click at the top for the latest available board minutes, a standard board meeting agenda, rules & regulations, and other important information.

Homeowners are invited to regular board meetings, which are usually held on a Saturday at one of the two pool areas.


Board Meetings

The next open board meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the East Pool. 

As always, homeowners are encouraged to attend open sessions of board meetings, speak during the opening and closing homeowners’ forum portions of the agenda, and observe the board meeting proceedings. Updates will be posted as soon as possible following the meetings.  To view the April 19th agenda, click here.

The Rose Garden Board of Directors is:

President:              Jim Fiedler

                                (Jim’s term runs until Dec. 2014)

Vice-President:      Clyde Doctor

                               (Clyde’s term runs until December 2015)

Treasurer:              Earl Rose

                               (Earl’s term runs until December 2015)

Secretary:              John Burton

                              (John’s term runs until December 2015)

Director-at-Large:  Suzanne Webster

                               (Sue’s term runs until Dec. 2014)

The Architectural and Landscape Committees are welcoming new members as well.   If you would like to join either committee, click on one of the links below to send a message to the appropriate committee chair.


New Garbage Bins

Garbage and recycling collection now take place once per week (on Mondays).  You must use the new bins provided by PSDS. 

The Board would like to extend a big “thank you” to the volunteers who helped coordinate the exchange of the large, brown garbage bins to ensure all homeowners who wanted the smaller garbage bins received them.


Safety Message

Safety is a year-round concern for all of us.  Please click here to review these tips from the Palm Springs Police Department.  Many of the recommendations are excellent advice to all homeowners to keep themselves and their possessions safer all year round!


Roofing Maintenance

A & B Roofing will be onsite in March and April doing maintenance work on our roofs. If you see or hear people on the roof during working hours do not become alarmed.


Restated Rules & Regulations and Enforcement Procedures were adopted at the December 14, 2013 regular board meeting that followed the 2013 Annual Meeting.  The documents were mailed to homeowners on December 28, 2013. 

Please carefully review the restated Rules & Regulations to ensure compliance.  Infractions that may have been overlooked in the past are no longer acceptable and may be subject to the restated Enforcement Procedures. 

Thank you for your cooperation!


Patio Extension Ballot Measure

It was recently brought to the Rose Garden Board of Directors’ attention that HOA boards can no longer approve conversions of common areas to private use without the express permission of the HOA’s membership. 

For this reason, the Rose Garden Board sought homeowners’ blanket permission to allow the Board to approve patio extensions that conform to a standard dimension and using pre-approved building materials.  A ballot measure was mailed to homeowners in February 2014 and counted at the March 8, 2014 open Board meting.  The ballot measure missed passing by one vote.  Because the vote was so close and nearly half the homeowners didn’t return ballots, the Board will consider sending out another patio extension ballot later this spring.

If you have any questions, please contact Phil at PSMG.


Property Manager

Please direct all routine and emergency issues, concerns, or request to John Wiesner and Phil Allen at Palm Springs Management Group (PSMG) using the contact information or links noted below.

To read PSMG’s introductory letter mailed to homeowners in late August, please click here.


Matching Exterior Paints

If you need to touch up the exterior of your unit or want to match the exterior paints for your interior atrium, click here for more information on exterior paint colors.


Landscape Planning

2/22/14 Update: For homeowners who are eager for the planting beds directly adjacent to units quickly re-landscaped according to the new master plan, the Board is excited to announce that individual owners can sponsor such upgrades. The first wave of requests that were submitted in fall 2013 were approved at the February 22, 2014 open board meeting.  If you submitted one of those approved requests, or would like to initiate a new request, (click here) to contact the Landscape Committee and PSMG to confirm next steps.

The Rose Garden is a beautiful environment for all of us to live and relax.  In order to maintain our attractive surroundings, we must anticipate how time’s impact on current mature plantings and the increasing need to use water efficiently affect decisions about how we want our community to look in the future.

The Board commissioned a proposed master landscape plan consisting of a plant palette, irrigation recommendations, and other elements that can help guide future decisions about when to replace dead or aging plants, what materials to use to enhance plantings, how to upgrade our irrigation systems, and provide guidance for decision-making so that we retain a consistent and harmonious look throughout our community.

The Board does not anticipate significant short-term changes to our current plantings or grassy areas. The proposed master landscaping plans are intended to help us gradually move our community into the future as we make decisions over the next several years that are inevitable due to the age of many of our plants.

In spring 2013, the Board shared the plans, solicited homeowners’ input and then voted to accept the landscaping guidelines.  The approved master landscaping plans will certainly evolve over time.  But in order to help us move forward as one community, these plans can serve as an agreed-upon starting point and provide overall parameters for decisions we’ll need to make during the coming years.

An electronic file with the full description and color simulations of the board-approved master landscaping theme is available for homeowners to review online.  Please CLICK HERE to submit your request to receive the link via return e-mail.  Once you have seen the plans, please CLICK HERE if you would like to send comments to the Board. 


Welcome packets for new owners or residents prepared by the Social Committee can be obtained from the property manager.


* Emergency Information (click here).


Reminder:  Any exterior changes to a unit, including doors, windows and patio extensions need to be submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors.  Many interior modifications also need to be reviewed by the Board.  See The Rose Garden HOA CC&Rs and Rules & Regulations for more details.

Please contact us:

Do you need to get in touch with The Rose Garden’s property manager? 

  1. BulletTo e-mail John Wiesner and Phil Allen at Palm Springs Management Group (PSMG), please click here (or enter these addresses into your email message address line:,,,

  2. BulletTo call PSMG, you can reach John and Phil at (760) 325-9503 (toll free: (855) 919-9191).  Call John for maintenance issues and Phil if you have questions about monthly assessments and other financial or accounting questions. John’s extension is x101 and Phil’s is x103.

  3. BulletEmergency calls only should be directed to John at (760) 904-4192.

  4. BulletMonthly assessments should be mailed to Palm Springs Management Group, PO Box 2242, Palm Springs, CA  92262-2242.  If you have arranged for auto-pay or another electronic payment method, please update the “pay-to” information accordingly with your bank.

Do you need to get in touch with The Rose Garden HOA’s Board or the HOA’s Committees?

  1. BulletHomeowners can submit letters to The Rose Garden Board by e-mail or US postal service to the following address:  The Rose Garden Board c/o Palm Springs Management Group, PO Box 2242, Palm Springs, CA  92263-2242.  To send an e-mail to the Board, click here (or enter these addresses into your e-mail’s address line:,,,,,

  2. BulletWould you like to contact the:

            Architectural Committee?  Please click here (or enter these addresses   

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