New Homeowner Welcome Letter

New Homeowner Welcome Letter
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Tennis Courts at The Rose Garden Palm Springs
Condos at The Rose Garden Palm Springs
Condos at The Rose Garden Palm Springs
Pool at The Rose Garden Palm Springs
Welcome to the Rose Garden and to the Rose Garden Home Owners Association. The Rose Garden was designed by renowned Palm Springs Architect Donald Wexler. Its low density layout, interior walking paths, pools and tennis courts create a neighborhood feeling not found in many other condominiums.
Your rights and obligations as an owner are spelled out in the ‘Governing Documents’ that you received at closing, including ‘’CC&Rs’ and ‘Rules and Regulations’. The Rose Garden rules are common sense, good-neighbor policies. For example, dog owners are expected to keep their dogs on leash when outside and to pick up after them. Please take the time to read through the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations and keep them handy for reference.
The affairs of your Association are managed by the Board of Directors whom you elect at the annual Owners Meeting held the first Saturday of December. The Board usually meets monthly except during July and August. Details of Owner and Board meetings are posted on the website, the bulletin boards at the swimming pools and announced by e-mail. Owners are invited to attend Board meetings. Time is always reserved at the beginning of each Board meeting for you to give comments and suggestions to the Board. You should also feel free to send your comments or suggestions to management or any Board member by e-mail.
The Association retains a management company to handle day-to-day management such as landscaping, bookkeeping and facility maintenance. Contact information for the Management Company and the Board is kept current on the Association website, The website contains much valuable information for owners and we recommend that you consult it at least monthly for updates. E-Mail is the main means of communications between owners, the Board and Management so please complete the contact information form you received at closing.
In a condominium development like the Rose Garden owners assign the management of building exteriors and common property to the Association and agree to share the use of amenities with their neighbors. You have purchased the following; the interior volume of your unit including surface finishes like paint and tile, and the exclusive use of your front courtyard, if you have one, and back patio. The ‘fee’ owner owns an undivided interest in all the Association property. The Association owns all the public land; lawns, pool, streets, tennis courts etc. and the land under each unit sold as ‘fee’ property.
An owner who purchases ‘lease’ land likewise owns the interior volume of the unit, exclusive use of the front courtyard and back patio and an undivided interest in the public areas. However, the land underlying the unit is owned by a third-party lessor. The owner pays the lease amount annually to the lessor.
Many new owners want to redecorate or remodel their units. Generally, redecorating such as painting, changing cabinets and replacing fixtures are allowed without approval. Much remodeling, however, requires pre-approval by the Architecture Committee and may require City of Palm Springs permits so you should check with management before beginning any interior work. Owners must check with management before commencing any exterior additions or improvements because they must be pre-approved by the Architecture or Landscape Committees. See ‘Restated Architectural and Landscaping Rules’ for details.
The Rose Garden is a quiet, friendly, low-key neighborhood. We hope you find your time in the Rose Garden satisfying and rewarding.
c/o The Management Trust
39755 Berkey Drive, Suite A
Palm Desert, California 92211