Want to Donate Your Fruit?

As we enter into Spring the fruit trees are in full blossom and the existing fruit is ready to pick!  The only problem is that many of you have already gone home and there is no one here to enjoy the fruit.

Some kind neighbors are asking that if any of the homeowners have fruit trees which are full of fruit and no one to eat it – would you consider letting them pick the fruit and donate it to local charities?  They can also check your common area yard for fruit on the ground and remove it.  The gardeners have their hands full.

Martha’s Kitchen and Well in the Desert have both expressed interest in accepting this generous donation.  There may be more charities willing to accept the excess fruit so if you have any suggestions please let us know.

A group of volunteers will be available this next week to pick the excess fruit.  Thanking you in advance for your generosity to share the fruit with those truly in need.  Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.

Please email The Rose Garden Volunteers: Gail, Joy and Paula at:  juneps64@gmail.com.