Rose Garden New Committee Members


  • Scott Hansford, Chair
  • Hampton Stennis
  • Eric Long
  • John Harrell
  • Bill Gould

This committee is responsible for the oversight of the maintenance of the buildings within the community. They will also review homeowner requests for changes or additions to current structures to maintain adherence to the CCR’s.

They will also assist and monitor approved projects through completion.


  • Paula Sheridan, Chair
  • Jerri Doctor
  • Joanne Burdick
  • Jim Ames
  • Theresa Dahlem

This committee will be responsible for monitoring the maintenance of the common area landscaping within the community. They will also review homeowner requests for changes and additions to current landscaping within Desertscaping guidelines. Also included in the scope of their responsibility will be to implement a blueprint for future common area Landscaping.


  • David Carden, Chair
  • Patricia Ewoldsen
  • Eileen Eisenberg
  • John Delmonico

This committee will continue its efforts to ensure that we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our community, both our property and our residents. They will also be responsible for communication and contact with our Security Company and to communicate all information to facilitate maximum security within our community.


  • Doug Meckling, Chair
  • Todd Morgan
  • Lynn Hildebrand
  • Dave Schoenberger
  • Bill Heinemann

The new expanded Pool Committee recognizes our additional facilities and will monitor them and recommend changes and/or upgrades.

Again, thanks to all our volunteers!

The HOA Board