A Note From Property Mgmt

With the holiday season upon us, and more and more guests are here visiting, a reminder to all residents of the usage guidelines for the community pools, spas, pickleball and tennis courts. Residents using the pools and spas are asked to limit their time to 30 minutes at a time so that as many folks who would like to use pools and spas can do so.  It is the homeowners responsibility to inform their guests of the usage guidelines and to ensure they are followed.   

Pools & Spas Usage Guidelines

  1. Only homeowners and tenants can use the pools. No outside guests are permitted.
  2. Residents must provide their own disinfectant hand wipes and wipe down all hard surfaces before and after use.
  3. Six (6) people allowed in pool at a time and two (2) people allowed in spa at a time.
  4. Six (6) feet social distancing must be observed in and out of the pool.
  5. Masks must be worn at all times when out of the pool.
  6. No furniture or restrooms are to be used. Bringing personal lounge chairs to the pools is prohibited.
  7. Residents use the pools and spas at their own risk.
  8. Usage guidelines may change due to modified city or county guidelines.

Pickleball & Tennis Courts Usage Guidelines

  1. Only homeowners and tenants can use the pickleball and tennis courts. No outside guests are permitted.
  2. Prior to arriving at the court, wash your hands with soap and water and bring personal use hand sanitizer to the courts.
  3. Clean and wipe down your paddles and water bottles. Do not share paddles or any other equipment or clothing.
  4. Bring your own water bottle, sports drink and snacks.
  5. The entry gate should be wiped down before and after use. Bring your own chair if you want to sit.
  6. All players must wear and play in a mask that covers their nose and mouth.
  7. All players will bring their own marked ball and use only this ball when serving.
  8. Players will not pick up or touch another players’ ball. Use your paddle and foot to pick up balls and transfer them to your opponent. If utilizing a raised net, hit the ball under the net to your opponent.
  9. No changing ends mid-game. If possible, play on the same end of the court.
  10. Maintain six (6) feet or more distance between players at all times.
  11. If playing doubles, call “yours” and “mine” to avoid accidental contact with your partner.
  12. Avoid contact with others, such as paddle bumps, hand shaking, and high fives.
  13. Use hand sanitizer between games.
  14. Residents use the pickleball and tennis courts at their own risk.

Homeowners with tenants are asked to please share this notice with them.

Thank you! Have a safe holiday season!