Important Announcement: HOA Board

Good Morning!

As was announced at the recent October HOA Meeting, both Clyde Doctor and Hugh Gaspar have resigned as Chairman of the Architecture and Landscape Committees, respectively.

The Board has chosen to take this as an opportunity to Restructure and Clarify the responsibilities and structure of our committees.

The Board has established an ad hoc committee and they have requested input from former committee chairs, current board members and our management company.

It is the committees intention to present our restructuring plan at the November meeting and we hope to announce the Board’s Chair appointments and any members that they have chosen at our Annual meeting.

The retiring chair of both Architecture and Landscape have agreed to assist with any ongoing projects during this process and the committees themselves will be disbanded.

Owners who have Landscape maintenance issues or minor architectural requests will need to send these to John at PS Management. Please do this via email as this allows for easier follow up.

Major projects will be accepted and reviewed beginning early in the new year allowing our new committees to get settled.

We hope that taking this time to restructure will ultimately give us a stronger, more effective committee process.

The HOA Board